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People Dynamics Inc. (PDI) recruits prospective candidates for staff, management and executive positions, on behalf of organizations.


PDI search practices focus on serving clients across a broad spectrum of industries, from multi-national corporations to mid-size public and privately owned businesses, entrepreneurial start-ups, and non-profit organizations.

Full Service Recruitment

PDI offers an end-to-end recruitment service that is a cost effective alternative to the traditional retained and contingency search practice. Our end-to-end service entails all of our Recruiting Component Service Options. PDI manages all aspects of the recruitment process and involves the client with every step.

Component Services

Clients have the option of acquiring components of the recruitment process lifecycle.

Component Services Options include:

Recruitment Requisition Analysis

  • Meet with the client to gather vital information about the position and determine the client's needs, establish the focus and direction of the search, and develop and refine the position specifications.
  • Partner with the client and appropriate stakeholders within the organization to gain insight into the integral leadership, cultural and organizational issues to be addressed and to determine the criteria to be employed in identifying, screening and selecting candidates.
  • Analyse the client's industry, organization, competitors and marketplace to develop a winning recruitment strategy.
  • Determine the resources to utilize and suggested search techniques to find appropriate candidates.
  • In conjunction with the client, develop a project plan that outlines key milestones to be achieved and timelines to be reached.

Job Description Development

  • In consultation with the client and appropriate stakeholders within the organization, conduct a job analysis to identify the essential functions of the job, required knowledge, skills, abilities and personal attributes as well as required education and experience.
  • Develop a job description for the position that would describe the key responsibilities and challenges of the role, as well as the key competencies of the ideal candidate.

Recruitment Advertising

  • In consultation with the client, determine the advertising budget.
  • Assist in crafting a candidate-oriented advertisement that is professional, creative, and compelling.
  • Obtain final advertisement approval from the client and facilitate placement of the advertisement into appropriate media. Advertising is done in key markets, using a range of media, including print, internet and electronic formats.

Candidate Sourcing

  • Recommend an appropriate strategy for sourcing qualified candidates.
  • Develop an appropriate and sufficient talent pool for recruitment purposes.
  • Employ various search techniques to attract the best candidates for the position.
  • Carry out additional tasks as requested by the client, which may include deeper candidate research and profiling or initial candidate outreach.


  • Screen all candidate resumes against the approved search criteria and specifications.
  • Conduct telephone interviews with screened candidates.
  • Select a short list of suitable candidates for the client's consideration. Meet with the client to present and review the backgrounds of each of the selected candidates.

Scheduling and Preparation

  • Schedule candidates and manage appointment slots for assessment, interviews, feedback and closing.

Testing and Evaluation

  • Perform psychometric profiling of short-listed candidates to help streamline the recruitment process and identify the best-fit talent, when appropriate.
  • Prepare and submit a written assessment report to the client, summarizing the results in the context of the position requirements.

Interview Package

  • Prepare and submit an interview package for the client. This contains an interview itinerary, an interview questions and answers guide, job description and an interview scoring guide, with candidate(s) formal resume and cover letter.

Client/Candidate Interviews

  • Provide coaching to the client/hiring manager on the interview process and participate in the candidate interviews to ensure the capabilities of each candidate are fully explored.

Reference and Background Checks

  • Conduct detailed reference checks on all finalist candidates, actively seeking information from past managers, peers, customers and subordinates as well as academic and professional accreditation verification.

Closing the deal

  • PDI is available to assist in negotiating the offer and to provide assistance in developing formal Offer of Employment letters.

Consulting Fee

PDI Recruitment Services are not offered on a "contingency" or fixed percentage of salary basis. The recruitment assignment costs are based on a fixed fee or a per hour fee for the services to be provided. Direct out-of-pocket expenses incurred for such items as advertising, candidate travel and accommodation, etc. are billed at cost in addition to the professional fees.

A total project budget, including professional fees and direct expenses, required to complete a particular recruitment assignment will be presented in a formal written proposal. No cost or obligation is incurred until the proposal is accepted and the client authorizes work to begin.