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Outplacement and Transition Services

People Dynamics Inc. (PDI) manages the HUMAN SIDE OF CHANGE. We provide customized outplacement and transition services, collaborating with the organization and the outplaced client to create an outplacement and transition strategy that fits their unique needs.

Our transition services are focused on optimizing employee deployment by assisting organizations in planning and implementing transition, deployment and deployment processes. We offer:

Pre-Termination (Outplacement)

  • Consulting with the organization on outplacement planning

Termination (Outplacement) Event

  • Support and coaching for the employee(s) being terminated or outplaced.

Post-Termination (Outplacement) - Organization/Other Employees

  • Support and coaching for employees within the organization that are affected by the termination/outplacement of other employees.

Post-Termination (Outplacement) - Terminated/Outplaced Employee(s)

  • Support
  • Transition Coaching and Managing Change
  • Assessment Tools
  • Career Coaching


Companies rely on People Dynamics Inc. (PDI) to provide their former employees with consistent career transition support and expertise, as well as providing knowledge of the local job market. We assist and support individuals in career management and transition through a combination of programs and applications.

Career Transition - Coaching Program

We work with our clients to craft customized Career Transition solutions and service offerings to meet their specific circumstances, needs and business objectives. We deliver the optimal career transition experience and outcomes to our clients.

Individual Agility Training during Career Transitions

Employees who remain with an organization during a downsizing, PDI coaching programs and workshops provide the mindset, skill set, and tool-set needed to be flexible and productive during times of transition, and to view the changes as opportunities to improve oneself and the workplace.

Career Management

PDI works with employers to develop and deliver the most appropriate Career Management services for their employees that enable personal and professional development, employee satisfaction and engagement, and successful career paths within the context of the company's environment and talent management objectives.

Organizational Transition Planning

We help clients make decisions about the most appropriate service levels for transition programs, career centres, and services for employees who will remain, including workshops to develop personal agility in the face of change.

Organizational Transition Implementation

PDI provides coaching and training for managers on how to notify employees who will be leaving the company, ensuring that these conversations are respectful, definitive and emphasise the business rationale for the decision. PDI consultants provide advice on the sequence, structure, and logistics of notification meetings. We offer on-site coaching and support for human resources professionals and for affected employees.


PDI expert consultants and coaches work with clients to plan for optimal reassignment of employees who will assume new responsibilities within the company. The process often involves assistance and coaching to employees to help them identify their skills and needs; coaching and training on applying for job openings in other areas of the organization; and job interviewing skills.