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Organization Development

Strategic Planning

People Dynamics Inc. (PDI) develops strategic and business operational plans in partnership with clients. 

Organizational Assessment

People Dynamics Inc. (PDI) organizational assessments can be used to gather critical information on your business current position and situation - its culture, retention, employee engagement, employment branding, employee and customer satisfaction, etc. - and analysis as to its impact on executing business strategy.

Performance Management

PDI helps clients to achieve optimum business results through Performance Management. PDI works with clients to identify and establish Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for key roles within the organization; then we design and implement performance management processes that assist employees and mangers in measuring and monitoring employee and business performance and results. This enables employees to have a solid understanding of how their individual performance is aligned with, and contributes to, organizational results.

Employee Engagement and Alignment

PDI works with organizations to improve employee engagement, alignment, and organizational effectiveness. Employees gain understanding of the organizational strategy and how their role contributes to this. Critical components include:

  • Understanding of self - wants and offers
  • Understanding of organization - wants and offers
  • Knowledge of strategies to align the two
  • Translating organizational vision and values into practical ways of working
  • Ownership and Accountability

Change Management

When organizations and people are agile, they function more confidently, productively and remain focused during uncertain times. We help work groups and organizations negotiate changes in business conditions. We help organizations align their strategy, structure, systems and culture to match the demands of the current marketplace and position itself for long term success and sustainability.

We work with change project teams to coach and train them in the change process, and we help them to design and implement changes, with minimal organizational, employee and performance disruption.


We design programs that address and affect cultural changes, and we work with organizations to implement, monitor and manage these changes, for the desired results.

Bonus Programs

We craft bonus programs for organizations, aligning key performance indicators, performance and results, with bonus initiatives and programs.

Leadership Transitions

Growing leaders into critical leadership roles is a common denominator of successful organizations. We assist organizations in developing their leadership strength.

Leadership Transititons

Organizational Alignment

Structure follows strategy. So does talent. Successful execution of business strategy demands a line-of-sight and alignment between all three.

→ Business Strategy → Organization Strategy → Talent Strategy →

Sales Effectiveness

Whether it's hiring the right salespeople or enhancing your organization's focus on the customer; PDI offers a range of solutions. We will help you to:

  • Listen to the 'voice of the customer'
  • Understand customer needs
  • Implement or enhance a strategic account/client management program
  • Hire the right people
  • Develop the skills of your salespeople
  • Coach employees
  • And more ...

Internal Consulting

Our intensive experiential workshops help staff specialists acquire consulting skills, processes, and tools that enable them to be more effective business partners and internal consultants.