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Human Resources

Human Resources

People Dynamics Inc. (PDI) provides Human Resources support as a Generalist or in specific areas of Human Resources.

Needs Assessment

People Dynamics Inc. (PDI) conducts needs assessments on projects and initiatives, and submits a concise report on our findings and recommendations. We work with our clients to craft and implement action plans that address the findings and recommendations.

Policies and Procedures

PDI designs policies and procedures (SOP) for the overall organization and for all segments of the business and organization.

Orientation Programs

PDI designs orientation programs that portray, illustrate, and share important facts and information on the organization, policies and procedures, and help new employees to gain insight and understanding of the organization.

Job Descriptions

PDI crafts job descriptions that clearly define roles, responsibilities, accountabilities, and the scope of the job.

Competencies Profiling

PDI identifies and develops core and functional competencies required to successfully fulfill jobs and roles within the organization.

Performance Reviews and Evaluations

PDI crafts performance review and evaluation programs that link employee job functions, responsibilities, accountabilities, and key performance indicators, with employee performance and results, reward and recognition.

Succession Planning and Development

PDI designs succession planning systems and programs that help our clients identify the key roles within the organization, succession plans and incumbents for these key roles, and development programs and initiatives to develop bench strength and all talent pools.

Competency Modelling

PDI develops and uses competency models as a core tool for integrating clients' Human Resource systems, such as performance management, development, and selection.

Individual Assessment

Whether individual assessments are used for selection or development, our goal is the same - to provide the most accurate, useful information about strengths and areas for development, for individuals to turn into action plans for the client organization to use in making successful choices.

Team Assessment

Our team assessments provide a strong foundation for developing and aligning teams to attain the best synergy and optimal performance.

Talent Development

PDI believes in the unlimited potential of the human spirit. We concentrate on developing talent for current and future roles through coaching, individual development planning, accelerated development for key positions and high potentials and executive-level leadership development initiatives. Our services combine a number of practices and programs.

Training and Development Programs

PDI offers a variety of training and development programs and workshops for all levels. Our training and development workshops and tools are your resource for unleashing talent, ability, and creativity to achieve sustained superior performance in your organization and in your life.

Team Development

PDI works with cross functional and matrix teams, operations, and other functional teams to identify their visions, missions, and values; understand each member's unique contributions; overcome barriers to success; and realize their full potential.

Leadership Development

PDI designs leadership development systems and deliver programs that give leaders the perspectives, tools, and skills they need to lead implementation of the organization's strategy effectively, and to develop the human potential within the organization.