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Assessment Tools


Delivered by Elizabeth Vieira-Richard,
Master Certified Executive & Business Coach,
Master Certified ADHD Coach, and HR/OD Strategic Consultant


Myers Briggs Type Indicator [MBTI]™

Indicator of personality type. Describes an individual's preferences on four dimensions.

Applications: Individual development, team building and team development, organizational change, improving communication, coaching, time management, emotional intelligence, stress management, education and career counselling, relationship counselling.

Strong Interest Inventory ™

Measures client's interests in a broad range of occupation and activities. [Can be combined with MBTI].

Applications: Career exploration and development.

Career Values Scale

Helps clients make personally meaningful career decisions. Takes in-depth look at client's values, and how client's career is aligned with values and has a major impact on their level of satisfaction. Clarifying career values help client focus Measures values that influence career choice and development.

Applications: Career exploration and development, individual coaching, plus fit between personal values and organizational culture.

Work Personality Index

Measures personality traits that directly influence a person's work performance and task effectiveness.

Applications: Coaching and individual development, personnel selection [match to successful job performance], team building, career transitions.


Indicator of interpersonal style. Measures how personal needs affect client's behaviour toward other people. Tool for building powerful, positive, and productive organizational relationships.

Applications: Team building and team development, individual development, relationship counselling, selection and placement.


Identifies and measures three areas for individuals - social style, competencies, and leadership style. Ensures that individuals are in positions that maximize their effectiveness.

Applications: Career pathing and development, building and understanding teams, competency profiling, recruitment and selection, needs/gaps analysis.

Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument

Helps clients see through conflict to resolution. Examines how styles of handling conflict affect personal and group dynamics. Identifies individual's preferred method of dealing with conflict, and how to handle and resolve conflict effectively.

Applications: Conflict and change management, enhancing communication, performance improvement, stress management, team building.

Parker Team Player Survey

Helps people identify how they prefer to work in teams. Allows individuals to examine their primary team player style - contributor, collaborator, communicator or challenger. Tool for use in all team applications where different preferences can influence team effectiveness.

Applications: Enhancing team communication, increasing team effectiveness, improving team leadership, conflict and relationship management, team building.

Individual Style Survey

360° measure of interpersonal style. Allows people to consider their own self-perception about how they respond to others and their environment compared to how others see them.

Applications: Improving communication skills, examining learning styles, career development, team building.