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Client Testimonials

Here is what one of my clients said about the benefits they have achieved from my services:

"Elizabeth provided individual coaching to 47 key management personnel, and team coaching to these individuals and others within the organization.

In the 4 years that Elizabeth worked as a Coach with my team, I saw remarkable growth in our management personnel. This growth came in their business competency, leadership skills and communication.

In addition to this individual and personal development, we achieved remarkable improvements in:

  • Safety Performance improved from bottom quartile to top quartile.
  • A 9% increase in value extraction.
  • A 17% reduction in production costs.
  • Integration of our raw material supply and manufacturing teams.
  • A 12% improvement in productivity.

The development and transfer of skills achieved during the period, have allowed us to see continued growth in individuals and sustained business results."

... ... General Manager, Abitibi Consolidated Inc.

Read what an audience participant said about one of Elizabeth’s speeches:

"Wow! What a great thought-provoking and inspiring presentation Elizabeth! You’ve certainly made me think of things that I need to change in my life."

... ... C.H., Small Business Owner