People Dynamics Inc. (PDI) provides Management Consulting in the areas of leadership, management, business, strategic, operations, marketing, performance, change, and human potential.

We also provide Human Resources Consulting in strategies, initiatives, programs and policies that deliver and support the organization's revitalization and transformational changes, and core capabilities, critical to the organization's success and bottom-line results.

Some examples of HR Consulting are: HR Strategies, culture, reorganization, change, business visions, transitions, acquisition and merger of business segments, business planning, key success factors, key performance indicators, attraction and retention, interviewing and recruiting, recognition, reward and compensation, core and functional competencies, training and development, performance management, succession planning, leadership, team relationships and trust, team effectiveness, continuous improvement, goal setting, and work processes.

PDI conducts needs assessments on projects and initiatives, and submits a concise report on our findings and recommendations. We work with our clients to craft and implement action plans that address the findings and recommendations.